Maison du Leman real estate in Geneva

Our Mission

Gilles QueruThanks to our commitment to outstanding quality of design and service, Maisons du Leman has distinguished itself as a dynamic and reliable development company in the Leman region. Founded by Gilles Queru, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for beautiful design, we are focused on one clear vision – to develop outstanding residential real estate projects in the Geneva region, creating beautiful new houses and buildings that are a pleasure to live in. Our success comes from following these 4 guiding principles:

The Right Place

We research the whole Leman Lake region, especially the neighborhoods around Geneva, to find beautiful land in outstanding locations. We consider factors like the surrounding nature, ease of transportation, school districts and the atmosphere of the neighborhood. We only buy land in places that we’d like to live in ourselves!

The Perfect Blend of Form and Function

We hire visionary architects to design beautiful buildings and houses for us, ensuring the living space is both well arranged and beautiful to the eye. Maisons du Leman apartments and homes are always spacious, full of light, comfortable to live in and adhere to ecological standards. We are constantly looking for innovative technologies to enhance the comfort and elegance of our projects, and we insist on small details that define true craftsmanship. We often hear from clients how much they enjoy the beauty of our designs, which makes our projects really stand out from the crowd.

Unwavering Standards of Professionalism

For each project we assemble a team of professional partners based on mutual trust and common values. Everyone involved in a Maisons du Leman project, including the architects, landscape designers and builders are selected for their trusted reliability and expertise. In close collaboration with the construction company we design the homes using the best materials possible, according to the highest ecology and safety standards. We maintain the same standards for the interiors, providing generous budgets for the kitchens, bathrooms and finishing materials that make each home unique.

People you can Trust

We understand that buying an apartment or house is a very significant step - that’s why the friendly team members at Maisons du Leman explain all the details and guide our customers step by step through the process. We’ll be by their side from the very first meeting until the day they receive the keys to a beautiful new home!

We often have multiple residential projects operating simultaneously, offering new opportunities to buy outstanding homes or apartments in different locations at different price levels. Yet all our projects, no matter what size, price or style, are all created with the same unwavering dedication to providing excellent value, quality and service.

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